Il carrello è vuoto
General editor: Germano Celant
Associate editor: Chiara Costa
Research: Carlo Barbatti

The publication consists of three books.

Book I: Sketches and Projects
Features the research that lead to the creation of artworks, starting from sketches and collages taken from the artist’s notebook as well as computer drawings (1966 – 2015).
Book II: Sculptures and Paintings
An illustrated album of artworks (1965 – 2015), accompanied by a selection of quotes from the artist.
Book III: Gianni Piacentino
Contains an illustrated text by Germano Celant, including a conversation with Gianni Piacentino, and a chronology of the artist’s exhibitions history, which features documents and images.

Format: 16 x 22 cm
396 pgs, 500 ill.